‘For me overtaking is very difficult, so we have to be in front’ – Fabio Quartararo

Fábio Fialho – Yesterday 6:52 PM


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After the MotoGP German GP race, Fabio Quartararo stressed the importance of being consistently and from the start as close to the front of the race as he did in the last two races winning by leading from start to finish.

The frenchman clarified in a press conference that it is not crucial to always be the leader, but to gain as many positions as possible on the first lap in order to avoid having to make many overtakes – confessing to having some difficulties for these manoeuvres:

– Being at the front is something I need, I don’t say we always need to be first, but if we can overtake as many riders as possible on the first lap, that’s when everyone is very tight. When a rider is ahead of us with a different bike, if it’s not a Yamaha, we have a lot of difficulties because we ride completely differently. And for me overtaking is very difficult, so that’s why I feel like we have to be at the front. Of course you need to take some risks, but it is what it is.


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