Crocs shoes will go green in 2022

 Kelsie Sandoval 8 hrs agoLike|6

Crocs, the beloved, mocked-yet-trendy shoes, are taking part in the fight against the climate crisis and going bio-based, the company has announced.

The company is shifting to a bio-based material called Ecolibrium, which is composed of hydrocarbons removed from renewable resources and waste from palm oil and pulp paper, in lieu of natural gases.Plastic fantastic: Crocs are en vogue, Justin Bieber says so - Getty© Getty

Plastic fantastic: Crocs are en vogue, Justin Bieber says so- Getty

Making the shoes from the original material releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which traps heat in the air and, thereby, contributes to the climate crisis.

The bio-based shoes, which were made with global materials science company Dow, will be available for purchase in 2022.

This move comes two months after the company announced plans to become a net-zero-carbon by 2030.

CEO Andrew Rees told Fast Company that bio-based crocs are a crucial aspect of going net-zero-carbon. “Without the sustainable material, this would be hard to achieve,” Mr Rees said.

Unlike other shoe companies that have offer eco-friendly, but more expensive options, Crocs plans to make every shoe greener, using bio-based material. The shoes will be sold at the original price, too.

Mr Rees also said Crocs’s mission to go green is unique in that it’s not offsetting its environmental impacts, by planting trees for every shoe sold, for example. Rather, it’s tackling the root of the problem. “Our net zero includes the whole footprint—not just how we operate the company, but also all of our products,” Mr Rees said.

Transitioning over to the bio-based material, however, comes with its challenges. Using renewable material costs more money, and the shoe will not be made entirely of bio-based material. Still, the company thinks the move will attract Gen Z customers, who have requested that brands go green. AdChoices





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