Čaroīts (Charoite, Чароит)

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Charoite is a soul stone with deep physical and emotional healing energies. It is a stone of transformation and is used to overcome fears. Charoite stimulates your inner vision.

Charoite can be used to overcome obsessions and compulsions. It grounds the spiritual self, opening and balancing the crown chakra.

Lifts energy when the body is exhausted, regulates blood pressure, assists with deep sleep and powerful dreams. Put charoite beneath your pillow, especially if you are prone to disturbed sleep or fears which surface in dreams. In combination with amethyst, it will help to release these fears. [5]

Charoite is a wonderful, spiritual stone teaching and guiding us on how to live in the “Now”. It is a stone of acceptance and insight. Charoite provides healing on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual. Physically, Charoite removes/transmutes negativity and overcomes obsessive/compulsive behaviors. Emotionally, Charoite helps to face and release fear. Spiritually, this “Stone of Transformation” enhances past life visions, supports your life path, and grounds the Spiritual self into every day reality.

Charoite is a stone of service and altruism, reminding us that Service to All is the realization of Connection to ALL. It opens the Heart so that love can clearly be seen and deeply felt. Meditating with Charoite will help to raise your vibration and hold you in a state of “no mind”. You may also see clearly, life lessons that were “self inflicted” in order that you may gain further insight into the experience. Placing Charoite on your Third Eye Chakra can also help to access knowledge during the dream state. [4]


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